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  1. What are some extremely incriminating evidences at a crime scene and how are they collected and analyzed?
  2. What can be found on computers?
  3. Is it true that lead poisoning can cause criminals, social deviance, drug use and addiction?
  4. Where to discuss research setting (details of a state jurisdiction) within thesis
  5. muggings
  6. Sex Slave trade in the US
  7. Bruising on Decedent
  8. How disputes with media bodies for a facts representation are regulated?
  9. Question about luminol
  10. Charles Manson Granted Parole
  11. Career Advice
  12. Consideration, giving up, under the contract
  13. The Jerry Hartfield Story
  14. war crimes
  15. Oscar Pistorius trial
  16. Sue snohomish co wa state for letting a man die in jail?
  17. Who will be liable in the Oso wa state landslide
  18. Why are issues surrounding enviormental harm more important now?
  19. murders
  20. Shoulda person serve the entire sentence if what they did is no longer a crime?
  22. AMC movie theater calls “federal agents” to arrest a Google Glass user
  23. Credit card fraud - time to end the 'free money' attitude towards offenders?
  24. DNA facial reconstruction
  25. Crime and Equality of Punishment
  26. Is bribed persecution legal by law?
  27. The forensic laboratories that are paid per conviction
  28. Testing for alcohol in chlorinated water
  29. Career in Forensic Science
  30. Justice Dept. Seeks to Curtail Stiff Drug Sentences
  31. Vein Patterns for Facial Recognition
  32. A case against of doctor
  33. Lawyer story of the year
  34. Zimmerman trial
  35. What do the prisons do with really old inmates?
  36. Human and organ trafficing from Eastern Europe and other countries
  37. Protecting a Fugitive...Is it Worth it?
  38. Why Do Innocents Get Convicted?
  39. Help!
  40. Information on Forensic Science?
  41. what to do if someone tries to rape me ?!?!
  42. Should Amanda Knox Press Charges for Defamation?
  43. Fingerprints
  44. Handing out reward money for capturing wanted criminals
  45. Boasting Criminals
  46. Compensationary Justice
  47. Social Perceptions to Sexual Assault - SEEKING PARTICIPANTS FOR DISSERTATION
  48. If someone tries to stab you...
  49. Willful Ignorance: Is it Criminal
  50. Should violent criminals be castrated?
  51. Oscar Pistorius
  52. Clues in the Nursery
  53. Life in Prison, for forcibly cutting men's beards?
  54. Suspicious Activity
  55. Helpful or hurtful?
  56. Woman suing Match.com after brutal attack
  57. How to Remove Fingerprints from Fingers
  58. Airplane Crash Investigation
  59. What Inteeligence Service is doing with unbreakable encryption?
  60. Crime Scene Cleanup
  61. Education Questions
  62. Cruel and Unusual Punishment
  63. Self defense
  64. The baby punch
  65. Speaker Identification job interview
  66. Need advice on becoming a Forensic Anthropologist...
  67. Gary Ridgway Case~Please Help!!
  68. 60 years for computer hacking, right or wrong?
  69. Mom who glued toddler's hands to wall gets 99-year sentence
  70. Short interview
  71. Is It a Crime to.....
  72. Police Investigative Techniques: Backed by evidence?
  73. Amanda Knox, The Monster of Florence and the film "Torso".
  74. Dna
  75. Life in post USSR prisons.Interesting videos.
  76. False fire alarm case
  77. Human Defence
  78. Dickhead defence
  79. SERIALITY And----Vicarious Solutions to Social Problems
  80. How the number of violent crimes affect American economy
  81. Underpants Bomber
  82. Outlawing Criminal Associations
  83. crime and punishment and the circumstantial criminal
  84. Pretty pretty please help me!! My overall grade depends on this!
  85. Homicide vs. Suicide: Multiple gunshots to chest?
  86. the notion of punishment - is it a failed social experiment?
  87. Forensic Voice Comparison
  88. Civil disobedience and the age of consent
  89. Research about Gunshot wounds, for shot story
  90. How to trace a telephone outlaw?
  91. Is it criminal to steal from criminals?
  92. help finding relevant literature!
  93. Casey Anthony
  94. Quick Bin Laden DNA results?
  95. Body Tents - Disposable or Reusable?
  96. Process shoe prints in snow in the US
  97. Research for crime novel
  98. Serial Killers..Organised or Disorganised??
  99. Chain of Custody broken - case?
  100. Jobs?
  101. the American Revolution - Jan 1 2011
  102. Criminology Jobs
  103. Revenge and Justice
  104. The iPhone now fights crime
  105. Lie to Me
  106. Ballistic Fingerprinting - Or something to that effect.
  107. Getting a job at CIA and FBI with neuroscience degree?
  108. Help - visualization of faded plant labels?
  109. fraud by censorship in science
  110. Help on possibly forged signature
  111. Research for a comic: Decomposition in space?
  112. Remorse as a factor in sentencing.
  113. Anyone who knows stuff on........
  114. FIT technology -futuristic most powerful Forensic tool
  115. Are there anyone who can help me on Forensic DNA?
  116. Help Needed With Weapon Found At Crime Scene
  117. Need help concerning BPA (Bloodstain Pattern Analysis)
  118. Where to study Forensic Science in UK
  119. Prostate specific antigen-p30
  120. ESLA
  121. Amanda Knox in italy
  122. BSc 3rd year project
  123. Drugs of abuse screening
  124. Are there any Criminalistics in here that can give me info?
  125. 3D Facial Reconstruction Survey
  126. author requests study path for a specific criminal pathology
  127. forum
  128. Novel research: Obtaining fingerprints
  129. Possible human remains
  130. Pedophilia, zoophilia, S+M and forensics.
  131. False Money!
  132. DNA profiling - blood cells
  133. Analysis of evidence
  134. Help with my forensics project?
  135. Useful websites
  136. Out Of Curiousity..
  137. favourite crime case?
  138. Music file sharing and used cd sales
  139. [Discussion] Neuroimaging in Forensic Science
  140. Help me come up with a Police Agency?
  141. A Cyberlibel Question.
  142. document examination question
  143. see how you could sort out this crime and find the killer
  144. I can solve anything!
  145. Job opportunities with Criminology?
  146. US Law, age of sexual consent?
  147. A challenge.
  148. Fingerprint collection in the outdoors
  149. Nominate a moderator for this sub forum.
  151. DNA degradation outdoors
  152. Forensic Science-Impression Evidence-Positives-negatives etc
  153. UK knife crime
  154. US gets its fourth school shooting in the last week
  155. What is the best form of government?
  156. The Zodiac?
  157. How reliable is DNA evidence...
  158. The Perfect Crime
  159. True Crime case Arsenic, Copper and Chromium
  160. Jack the Ripper, solved...?
  161. Psychics in law enforcement
  162. Were you ever a victim?
  163. cyber crime
  164. Are you "in the system"?
  165. A good description for this forum?
  166. D.B. Cooper
  167. Interrogation techniques
  168. TV mistakes
  169. The ultimate criminal catcher
  170. forensic scientist
  171. Crime scene "do's and don't's"
  172. The Zodiac