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  1. Fake history
  2. Remember Pearl Harbor!
  3. Ivy League membership
  4. Americans: Did you think that we should have celebrated Independence Day last Thursday instead of yesterday?
  5. Political organization pre Colombian
  6. A question about a message from the 1960s
  7. The race you are
  8. The world's biggest baddest historic wall.That you dont know about.
  9. Forgotten history.
  10. Japan 1930's
  11. war
  12. Where have you been?
  13. Survivor Memory
  14. Dec. 7, 1941
  15. is all history verifiable?????
  16. Johannes Kepler and more....
  17. Science and the Arts.
  18. History of science: Dark Outer space, Dark bottom of the sea, Chest Compression with high altitudes
  19. What Is Your Favorite Invention Or Discovery In Human History?
  20. Hitler and the Third Reich
  21. Why did the world of tomorrow never came to be?
  22. cosmology (old style) - 1500 A.D.
  23. White slavery in America
  24. Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact and invasion of Poland
  25. The East-West Schism of 1053
  26. Why is everything so predictable in hindsight?
  27. Morozov's theory
  28. The Longevity and Recent Decline of Monarchy
  29. US Civil War: how well could the Confederacy have done?
  30. Hobbies and Science
  31. The digitised Old Bailey.
  32. WW I origin
  33. Rapanui
  34. War deaths
  35. WW2: IF the axis did not attack the USSR, could they have captured England?
  36. Has there ever been a historical or scientific analysis of torture?
  37. The Past; our only guide in answering questions of the present
  38. Did "capital" exist in Antiquity and the Middle Ages? If trade was commonplace, why didn't Capitalism emerge then?
  39. Guess who's coming to dinner
  40. in point of time & equally so in spirit
  41. The influence of Aristotle and the other "Noble Pagans."
  42. How about making a standard history book?
  43. France's invluence of American culture
  44. Historically, which is the best country for science?
  45. Fraternizing With the Enemy
  46. High School History Texbook Critique
  47. Change one thing in History
  48. Me, I'm "History"
  49. The French Revolution and Nepoleon
  50. World War One - Germany and her allies
  51. Alexander the Great - most evil list
  52. Napoleon Bonaparte
  53. Could Hitler win war with Russia if he captured Moscow?
  54. Could human hystory move faster?
  55. The Golden Age?
  56. American WW2 Navy Uniform
  57. These Memories, faded Today
  58. Vikings abducting good looking ENglish women, myth or fact?
  59. Dola Indidis v. History
  60. Why Islamdom declined after remaining dominant for 1000+ years?
  61. Bloody foreigners!
  62. Eastern Germany and Austria - Slavic in the past, now Germanized
  63. Life of English children in second half of 19-th century.Pics
  64. Reagan's Dark Legacy
  65. Extreme Disappointment in Obama
  66. Name Your Favorite President and Explain Why
  67. Was any original (not replicas) bible book scrolls found?
  68. Do any of Tycho Brahe's orginal publications exist in English translations?
  69. About Medieval World
  70. Using a bow in full plate armor
  71. Arab science in the golden age (7501258 C.E.)
  72. undercover
  73. July 1914
  74. Voices from Poland
  75. What really determines human history?
  76. Was Hitler a vegetarian?
  77. informal sources
  78. Defending Stalinism in the US
  79. Related problems with America and the world.
  80. Had the epicures a way to recognize each other?
  81. maratha history
  82. What to think about A.C.Suttons theory about the Wall-Street support for the Nazis
  83. Were Medieval arrows tipped with metal points?
  84. WW I ending
  85. What city followed Sparta in its hegemony of the Greek World?
  86. Did Sparta take advantage of its victory against Athenas in Peloponesus War?
  87. Differences between protectionism and autarky?
  88. Historic Sites
  89. What were Hitlers favorite books?
  90. The fight for religious freedom
  91. Madness of rulers. Ioann the Terrible movie (English subtitles)
  92. Sir Bartle Frere (APA format)
  93. Yugoslavia
  94. Events in History
  95. The evolution of language throughout the ages
  96. Did Judaism emergence from the Aton cult?
  97. Why Did Hitler Fail?
  98. Wwi
  99. Russia-Serbia
  100. Religious Movements 16/17/18 Centuries. As compared against Islam Today.
  101. A question regarding Merchant Sailors.
  102. When was the first Death Sentence?
  103. Does Russia really ows something to its Western neighbours?
  104. Good Historical books?
  105. Colloseeum
  106. Concentration of Power: Centralization of Soviets
  107. Serbia
  108. Variations of the Greek Alpha
  109. How feudalism and early capitalism worked?
  110. Continents
  111. When China came to Australia, and why China will always be part of Australia.
  112. Pre-Roman Planet Names?
  113. Hitler's Death
  114. Its the Alternate History Conjecture Show: USSR in America
  115. Who were "" The original People? "" Maori word for those before Them.
  116. Huey Long: Dangerous Demagogue or Good -Natured Liberal?
  117. Ronald Reagan...Overrated?
  118. Mass Defections in Political Parties
  119. Gobekli Tepli - ruins from 11,000 years ago
  120. Sphinx Water Erosion Theory
  121. Pre-Columbian American - European contacts.
  122. The Burning of the White House in August, 1814.
  123. Can science be credited with building Cathedrals?
  124. Jesus into voluntry exile, the isle of Patmos.
  125. Is there a way to identify this scientist?
  126. Aliens in Ancient India.
  127. The 12 tribes of Israel.
  128. Are the Australians Dutch?
  129. Muslims in China.
  130. Are the Irish English?
  131. Are German French?
  132. Slave trade.
  133. England's Evils
  134. 1930s: Why did Jewish organizations declare War on Germany?
  135. Election Maps Show Old Borders
  136. Are Oromo people black German?
  137. greatest scientific mistakes in history
  138. Indigenous Tribes
  139. Concrete Hypothesis on Origin of Civilization
  140. Gaddafi: Our Best Enemy
  141. Hudson Hawk
  142. Histrionics of Bombay!
  143. Societies view upon themselves and their history
  144. A still am puzzled by Stalin
  145. Historian Overdose or Different Scientic Language?
  146. Ibn Fadlan and the Rus
  147. VJ Day in Honolulu - surprisingly good video quality from a 16 mm Kodachrome film
  148. Alexander's Descendants
  149. Sparta and Judea
  150. The First Tax Reformer
  151. Return of the Heracleidae
  152. Military strategists.
  153. The Tearless Battle
  154. Hymn to Aten/ Psalms 104
  155. Uan Muhuggiag Mummies
  156. Historical evolution of the "Devil"?
  157. Saul in the Amarna letters?
  158. Bodhidharma
  159. Carthaginian child sacrifice
  160. Asian Self Mummification
  161. Minoan Cannabalism?
  162. Hebrew slaves or military wing?
  163. Beowulf
  164. Spartan Hegemony
  165. Xanthippus of Carthage
  166. Archaeologist explore Iraqi marshes
  167. If ancient knowledge had been lost
  168. Napoleon Bonaparte
  169. Hitler and the Nazis.
  170. Were there any Irish Knights Templar?
  171. British Spies, Fact vs Fiction
  172. Coercion of Iran?
  173. M. Descartes
  174. Military advantage of being short
  175. manhatttan project
  176. Renaissance Artists
  177. Indo-Pak history!
  178. Did Elizabeth I Have Alternate Personalities?
  179. Cultural study of maths
  180. Military challenges for Anarchists during Spanish Civil War
  181. Artifacts from a sinkhole
  182. Bermuda Triangles
  183. Most tragic love stories with unrequited love
  184. Deciphering an Egyptian Hieroglyph message
  185. King Alexander
  186. Etymology of the word Beelzebub...Very Interesting
  188. Martian Canals to Gaia: a tenous connection?
  189. Geography most important factor for growing societies?
  190. Help! Remember story but not names, era etc.
  191. Information on Theodism..a modern anglo-saxon pagan revival
  192. Bantu Expansion ..aka history no one teaches you in school
  193. We live in ancient times.
  194. A resource for teachers
  195. Stalin's second option, during the WWII. Reality or speculat
  196. JURGEN HABERMAS: Following His Career
  197. Who is a Marxist? A topic on the General Discussion forum
  198. Best/Worst U.S. Presidents
  199. History of USSR
  200. Was the Renaissance the result of the Bubonic Plague?
  201. Impacts or not, controversy in science
  202. Game Changers in Science
  203. Ancient languages
  204. Egypt as an African Civilization
  205. Tracing your genealogy-Braveheart by mel gibson
  206. History thats proven later to be otherwise
  207. Secret laboratories
  208. Tlamatinime-Mesoamerican Philosophy
  209. USSR, FRG, GDR, and East Prussia
  210. China's WWII casualties
  211. The Difference of Living During the 19th Centuary
  212. Tuff living at Bandelier
  213. Question about India
  214. Russian Victory
  215. German economy in the 30s?
  216. USA canadian invasion
  217. South African Parliment under Apartheid
  218. DaRk AgEs! YeAh RiGhT!!!
  219. Who was Shakespeare?
  220. archeological world population figures?
  221. Why is history so Euro-centric?
  222. How has Mao Zedong influenced the world?
  223. What's so special about Einstein?
  224. Public address in times without electronics?
  225. Democracy and others forms of goverments
  226. Reconsideration of the Chronology of the Eighteenth Dynasty
  227. Deadliest Warrior!!!!
  228. alternative histories
  229. The American Insurgency (Revolutionary War, I mean)
  230. If the Arms Race never occured...
  231. The Cold War
  232. Lost King of the Maya
  233. Lost King of the Maya
  234. Persian Fire
  235. Is agriculture synonymous with civilization?
  236. Women: FIRST TO FIGHT:in crucial "Battle of Stalingrad&
  237. Stalingrad:Deadliest in history.Combined casualties=2million
  238. 1 in 8 pilots who fought THE BATTLE of BRITAIN were Polish
  239. quetzalcoatl and the Mayan spear
  240. What factors allowed Greek civilization to flourish?
  241. Are Internment Camps a Possibility Again?
  242. The Settlement of Easter Island
  243. how historically valid are testaments of the bible?
  244. What is "Dalai Lama"?
  245. New dark age
  246. Changes in Religion and Downfall
  247. Conjecture: What could have prevented WW2
  248. Stareich
  249. The Controversy of the Chinese History Project
  250. Past Insurgencies