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  1. World according to Ken Wilber
  2. What do yo think of my blog?
  3. Who is Your Favorite Philosopher? Why?
  4. Mystery & Dead Ends
  5. What is free will ?
  6. Propositional logic might be flawed.
  7. Is Failure a Success?
  8. Is there a name for the error of calling on an arbitrary grouping of people to be morally accountable?
  9. What is the meaning of life?
  10. Belief Leads to Murder.....
  11. Taboo Experiments
  12. Science, philosophy and death.
  13. Coincidence
  14. What is a thought?
  15. Logic leads to an inevitable conclusion: the existence of an afterlife
  16. What is the name of this logical fallacy regarding wrongful prediction?
  17. Consciousness (Part 2)
  18. Consciousness.
  19. intuition in philosophy
  20. About Bishop Berkeley's Reality
  21. What is the difference between science and philosophy?
  22. 5 senses and philosophy
  23. Looking to learn about Philosophy. Help?
  24. david hume philosophy discussion
  25. is there a philosophy of mathmatics
  26. a thought on existence of humankind. (not mine)
  27. Infinity - Renormalising Reason?
  28. end of reasoning...
  29. inductive reasoning examples and its validity
  30. Do All Things Probable Require Evidence?
  31. nature and its infinite possibilities
  32. Meaning Of Life
  33. Lord Kelvin and Occam's Razor
  34. All alone
  35. Everything is already decided
  36. Box of Nothing
  37. Philosophy of atheism/skepticism/naturalism vs theism/spirituality/religion
  38. Empathy
  39. What is it in the body that makes it alive?
  40. Science of design
  41. Philosophy of environmental ethics
  42. Contradiction...
  43. The types of evidence that would convince me that a religion is true
  44. Engineers = Anti Relativists ?
  45. Secular Moral Philosophy
  46. God question
  47. Is karma,destiny, fate real?
  48. most probable quantum immortality
  49. Intelligence itself
  50. A theory -proof and falsification
  51. human representation
  52. from VS. against
  53. Decapitation?
  54. Could there exist an analog of the ''biofield''
  55. Matrix
  56. Is it possible and can you step up to the plate and hit it out of the ballpark?
  57. Which philosopher do you most agree with (mine surprised me)
  58. Why do so many scientists and scientific minds feel the need to be atheists?
  59. china was a very backward country in history
  60. My Answer to the Omnipotence Paradox
  61. Mind emerges and is not responsible for creation
  62. Plato and Phaedrus.
  63. I found a very explainable meaning/purpose to life. Now what?
  64. What course of life is best?
  65. Would anybody possibly help me with a piece of GRE?
  66. Fun with idioms!
  67. Would you please tell me what than that of means here?
  68. Who does the words those and them refer to?
  69. could you please help me with another GMAT?
  70. Would you please help me with society terms?
  71. Would you help me with GMAT?
  72. Could the Bose-Einstein Condensate have been a large part of the big bang?
  73. Free Will ? yes, no, or maybe
  74. Mortal or Immortality
  75. The "meaning" of death.
  76. References to motives for working and the nature of work
  77. What is Spiritualiy ?
  78. is there something seriously wrong with some people
  79. To what extent is determinism and/or eternalism true?
  80. Why is high-school culture/bullying immoral?
  81. http://bpdfamily.com/message_board/index.php?topic=195853.msg%msg_id%
  82. Why is it "wrong" to judge strangers?
  83. as appropriate to as amorphous an entity as art and religion
  84. Why are less obvious jokes funnier?
  85. Why are we more scared of the end of the world than the end of ourselves?
  86. Is Alan Chalmers contradicting himself?
  87. How do we define right from wrong?
  88. Cryonics - does it have a sense?
  89. is Confucianism a good idea
  90. The Secrets Behind the Music Composing Process
  91. What if you were born without any of your senses?
  92. "third Eye" can it exist and what does it mean
  93. Correlation and causation
  94. Is the state of nothingness itself something?
  95. define "soul-destroying"
  96. Try to think about something without using language
  97. Existance
  98. The point of life is to pass time
  99. The relationship between analytic and continental philosophy
  100. Are some people better conductors than others?
  101. Why is the following thought incorrect? "We must have opposites in this life for life to exist".
  102. My theory on what this life, universe, and our state of being is.
  103. Intelligence Without Tools
  104. Choice and Existence
  105. Consideration against...what is response for?
  106. Does the truth really matter? (no answer)
  107. Possible to falsely be considered psychopath due to philosophical beliefs? And if you act moral without believing in morality as truth, are you then an immoral or moral person?
  108. Where does consciousness end / begin?
  109. What is "science"
  110. Why act?
  111. Infinity and Zero.
  112. Is possessing greatness and humanity mutually exclusive or inclusive?
  113. Coining Aletheism
  114. Does Philosophical Progress Exist?
  115. Statistically Speaking, We Don't Exist
  116. Altruism, .... Is there such a thing as 'without ego'?
  117. What is difference between physical and spiritual world?
  118. What does it mean and take to be a human being?
  119. Consciousness
  120. Identity and linguistic acrobatics
  121. Using Occam's razor to shave Schrödinger's cat while poking fun at creationism?
  122. Non-Physical
  123. Ontology: is it possible for trueness to exist?
  124. The 5th science G
  125. Nietzsche
  126. Meaning of intuition?
  127. Of all the lives that have been and are being lived, why do you happen to be living this life right now?
  128. What is " time " really ?
  129. Is everything pre-determined.
  130. Philosophy of Plato
  131. Loophole or vortex?
  132. Time loop and paradox
  133. Mankind as a Macro Organism
  134. What is a these?
  135. What is a dogma?
  136. The point of reality is?
  137. Everybody is the same person.
  138. Can the supernatural be studied scientifically?
  139. Have we got speed/time backwards?
  140. Philosophy of Scientific Rejection
  141. is god an alien ?
  142. can someone explain friendship from a philosophical pov?
  143. Is the scientific m. The only way to truth?
  144. Opinions
  145. Definition of consciousness, morality and genius
  146. The real science fiction
  147. dark death?
  148. Was Nietzsche crazy or are we?
  149. Is Scientific Pluralism a useful approach?
  150. The Enquiring Atheist
  151. What is the meaning of life?
  152. Meaning of Life
  153. A Possible Problem with the Problem of Induction?
  154. What sound does bravery make?
  155. order or chaos ???
  156. The history never ends
  157. Consciousness again.
  158. Debate between Determism and Free Will
  159. Is Morality Entirely Subjective?
  160. Are we all racial hypocrite?!
  161. Mathematical model vs 'visualisation'
  162. Antique Atheism?
  163. What is the protocol of life starting, and is living "again" really possible?
  164. Is life meaningless ?
  165. With the emergence of the ‘global age’, have we witnessed the end of ‘ideology’?
  166. trial and error
  167. Life: Can We Live Forever?
  168. Why we are actually turtles...
  169. Artificial vs Nature
  170. Time?
  171. I found an urgent need to express the following, to wordy for Profile: Like to see posted to home page AS a Forum POPIC
  172. How Long Would It Be Necessary...
  173. Is man matter only ?
  174. What is wisdom?
  175. Is empirical knowledge afforded by science the final frontier ?
  176. Philosophy question..
  177. What does 'ontological grounding' mean, and how does it apply to morality?
  178. So I have my issues and i know this is crazy but
  179. Can there be a reality in the absence of observer ?
  180. Is there any action or decision not controlled by instinct?
  181. Split Brain and Consciousness
  182. Does Everything Have an Opposite?
  183. what happens after GOD????
  184. brain science
  185. clear vision
  186. diaspar
  187. An everlasting life or a short one
  188. Muhahaha.
  189. Lack of motivation due to my belief in the non-existence of free will
  190. What do we know about time anyway?
  191. Can unethical actions be right from a natural order POV?
  192. Most important question?
  193. Physical reality
  194. Compliance or innovation?
  195. paradox of the heap
  196. gd
  197. The Key
  198. R U 12 TO 18 YEARS OLD? be happy. The Storm of Confrontation is abating.
  199. Not the meaning of life, but the meaning of everything
  200. The origins and roots of beliving to immortality(A theory)
  201. Should we show more respect for those who hold important public office.
  202. The Science of Ordinary Activity
  203. Interest Rates Fall , the fifth consecutive fall in 18 months. westwind.
  204. PEACE: How's it Going to Happen?
  205. idea
  206. Science of god, science of Human being, are they the same?
  207. Which existence would humanity prefer? (1)
  208. The self deluding fantasy of human rights.
  209. Insignificance
  210. The Global recession - What caused it? How can it be?
  211. Secrets to a Successful Life
  212. Does the world still need a moral code?
  213. Does anybody else ever feel like 'science' is shrouded in secrecy?
  214. Consciousness is real.
  215. Philosophy for the everyday Citizen
  216. Inductive, Reductive, and Deductive Reasoning
  217. Dealing with the public / Truth in science
  218. What is the function of philosophy?
  219. Even if a Creator Exists.....
  220. Philosophical paradox, please help me understand.
  221. The nature of existence
  222. Torturing someone is actually humane
  223. A rather odd question
  224. Who is he?? I hope reading ..
  225. Humans and Animals
  226. $10000 question: Is reality digital or analog?
  227. Name and discuss: "what if everyone...." (for instance, what if everyone didn't vote)
  228. Out of Questions
  229. Viewpoint of knowledge; limitation for parameter.
  230. Intrinsic vs Extrinsic Properties
  231. Smell - Explained
  232. is the future always better than the past
  233. What next for human gullibility?
  234. what is the definition of reason?
  235. If you're dead, does the world exist?
  236. sigurdV on Philosophical Logic.
  237. quick logical proof that god doesn't exist
  238. Realism vs Idealism: Philosophy Is Relevant to Science
  239. the philosophy of Erotics
  240. Recognizing the Incomprehensible
  241. Is scientific progress an evil?
  242. Do you think we need a new feild of science? or scientific discipline...
  243. what are the problems of holistic approach?
  244. What is 'The Mind'?
  245. Can anything but death exist outside of life?
  246. Classical Question
  247. Why are we even alive for.
  248. Authentication of validity test
  249. Religion for Immortals
  250. Limit of thinking