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  1. Football’s Bad Timing?
  2. Intellectual Humility
  3. Pick a Side - Any Side...
  4. From Positive Thinking to Witchery: The Line is Where?
  5. Drug comparison: Likelihood of injury from dangerous behavior
  6. Questions on Hemiachromatopsia
  7. Krauss Crossed Line?
  8. Making phone calls is dying out ....really?
  9. My kid's need for privacy; is there a name for it?
  10. The Second Brain
  11. Duration of paranoia after cannabis use.
  12. disagreeing with depressed people
  13. getting over fear: does frequency of exposure matter?
  14. pseudoneglect
  15. Fun project. Average IQ = 90, + 100% = 180
  16. Tin Foil Hat
  17. How does hypnosis work?
  18. Why do We Think Quantum Mechanics is Weird?
  19. society awars people for achievement like nobel prizes, seems ridiculous when everything is determined/random
  20. Mama's Boy
  21. Conscious sexual strategies
  22. Hot weather the cause of higher violence rates?
  23. What is the penultimate justice for any harm done ?
  24. Artistic Seven Nations
  25. Is it factually incorrect to say homosexual acts can be seen in many species?
  26. Dreaming In Color VS Dreaming In Black & White
  27. Drugs and Society
  28. What defines sexuality?
  29. Is the mind's ability to predict multiple outcomes a prerequisite to the idea of free will?
  30. Kick the Bucket List
  31. crispr and other genetic engineering techniques for psychological traits
  32. Personality and Election
  33. So when you stop determining your thoughts in morality
  34. Can Someone be Depressed Without Knowing it?
  35. DO we really make our own decisions?
  36. Placebo Effect - Tr-woooly examining wooo
  37. Cultivating Equanimity.
  38. Memories and behaviors passed down in our DNA
  39. The blocked thoughts stuck in my head and cause pain.
  40. Bad Ducks.
  41. What Mundane Tasks Do You Enjoy Doing?
  42. Imagination and consciousness
  43. Age and sexual relations
  44. Environmental Psycology Study
  45. Why do we have likes, dislikes, interests, turn ons etc?
  46. please look at my thread I posted on my page I dno how it works on this site
  47. Is chance production part of the mind functions?
  48. black smith
  49. Could Hoarding Disorder be genetic in origin?
  50. camera angles and length of shots
  51. Am I psychopath?
  52. The threat of suicide
  53. Capital Punishment
  54. We see in 2 dimensions?
  55. The psychology of conspiracy theories!
  56. What is religion?
  57. The behavioral limits of fear and anger.
  58. Causes of Graffiti?
  59. Two recent groups of protesters
  60. Quit Referring to People With Religious Views as Nutcases
  61. Profiling internet abusers
  62. Habits. Cause and effect.
  63. Can behaviours indifferent to desire/rewards become habitual?
  64. The psychology of the forums (including this one?)
  65. Being Given Something, As Opposed to Earning It - Opinions please :)
  66. Did anyone saw an unearthly dreams?
  67. How to not be socially awkward? Aspergers
  68. Is there a scientific way to get over hurt feelings?
  69. clothes question
  70. Most effective study methods
  71. I have to write an abstract for my research but my data makes no sense?
  72. Humania
  73. Being nice
  74. The sense of Identity
  75. Evolution doesn't have to take millions of years and doesn't require physical change
  76. Verbal Motivation
  77. Visual & Auditory Perception - Help needed
  78. Link between childhood abuse and confidence
  79. The Satisfaction of Knowing You're Right
  80. Bad leads to good??
  81. White Bear problem in sex study
  82. love and passion makes us illogical
  83. Is the human mind capable of this?
  84. America's gun violence epidemic in perspective
  85. effort to know
  86. Strategies for report writing
  87. The appeal of the illogical?
  88. World Cup Fakery
  89. The Psychology of Money (Your input is needed!)
  90. Bad in Groups.
  91. Superstitions that are still with us....Yours?
  92. At which temperature do we start to feel hot?
  93. The Human Sore
  94. What makes us seem relaxed about certain atmospheres?
  95. spontaneous thought
  96. Friends
  97. What are memories?
  98. US Presidential Election Betting 2016
  99. Why do we wince when we see people get hurt?
  100. Why space aliens?
  101. Bullies
  102. Empathy is a neutral trait right?
  103. Rasism in the news (US)
  104. Chimp war.
  105. The internet.....
  106. The Problem with Conscousness
  107. It's not what you feel but what you do that often matters
  108. The Precision Fetish.
  109. need creation
  110. Correlation and causation
  111. What can be solution? Of this trouble
  112. Is it normal to always think about something?
  113. Chimps are people too.
  114. Who to use on behaviourism in an assignment on pedagogy?
  115. What controls our speech?
  116. Cosmos series
  117. My favourite color
  118. Daylight panel, a cure for S.A.D?
  119. "Love for God" vs "Love for Special Someone or Family (Husband/Wife and Kids)"
  120. What effect do you think never being loved, or having found mutual love can have on someone's mental state over a lifetime?
  121. Evolutionary perspective on the motive of sensory stimulation?
  122. Learning languages
  123. The war against procrastination
  124. What is motivation or will?
  125. Why does the heart get pain when sad?
  126. The written word and the rise of patriarchy
  127. The "Human Nature" Cop-out
  128. Pacifism and Conflict Resolution
  129. Big problem with problematic sister
  130. Visual appeal
  131. fear of heights = fear of pain
  132. All-bad
  133. extroverts and introverts
  134. Intuition
  135. Cravings
  136. Will Humans enjoy eating chili and other spicy foods with no society influence?
  137. Why are Women generaly smarter than men ?
  138. are most trolls men ? if so then why ?
  139. Consciousness as a way to fight off parasites
  140. Body language
  141. Somatization
  142. What is science behind personality tests
  143. I need some role model to follow!
  144. Buddhism and modern psychology
  145. Why are some guys more scared of girls than dangerous things?
  146. Am I depressed or just sad?
  147. attitudes about genealogy
  148. Schizophrenia and imitation
  149. Why do we like music?
  150. Ethical question about behaviour study
  151. Daddies girls or Mummies boys?
  152. When does the law not apply .....
  153. Jealousy
  154. Eye Behavior During Conversations.
  155. Am I paranoid?
  156. What if you know about the placebo effect?
  157. No childhood best friends?
  158. Relationship between intelligence and musical skill
  159. Fear from others?
  160. How to pass a Turing Testing
  161. Robot love.
  162. Children who are given excessive affection
  163. Voices in my head
  164. How important is it to you to have the same political or religious views as your close friends?
  165. Why do I get sad after I have fun?
  166. Solving the Mind-body & Consciousness Problem
  167. Ecstasy
  168. limits of science
  169. Psychobiotics
  170. Is morality innate or inherited?
  171. Why does a song sound bad if you listen to it too much?
  172. Is there a metric for Toleration of Controversy?
  173. What is this thing with me?
  174. Modern day society
  175. Can This Quiz Predict Your Politics?
  176. Psychology, so many roads, so many opportunity´s
  177. insecurity
  178. happy future?
  179. watts in a word?
  180. How did porn effect our health?
  181. Attentio seeker
  182. What could be moral and leagal issues of a "virtual sex"?
  183. Homosexuality in animals
  184. Is the normal human state to be flippant and flaky?
  185. Hey vs Hi
  186. yesterday
  187. Typoglycemia - Is there more to it?
  188. How well do you think you can clinically diagnose and recognize psychiatric/psychological symptoms and disorders?
  189. turning a blind eye
  190. Star Trek's space cafard — Is it a real concern?
  191. Body Language
  192. Testing a hypothesis - Behaviour and Risk
  193. Death by Main Course
  194. The limits of change?
  195. Children should play longer.
  196. Best ways to calm down?
  197. Tiny Spiders Are Deadly Fright
  198. Why is human sexual behaviour complex?
  199. failure
  200. In all seriousness...
  201. Forums and operant conditioning
  202. early burnout
  203. Is natural selection being overtaken by unnatural selection?
  204. TMS & Violent Crime Rehab
  205. I feel 'weird'.
  206. Biological Altruism
  207. winning the battle
  208. presentation of a theory that explain hallucinations
  209. If anonymous(the hacktivist society) wanted to remove censorship from the face of the internet, how are online businesses excepted to earn money?
  210. Define depth of interpersonal relationships
  211. Anxiety
  212. Barriers between what I want but what I can
  213. i cant be hypnotize by anything!?!?!?!
  214. Knowing your own mind
  215. Hypnosis
  216. Availability of recent proof that Hiring experienced personel is better.
  217. Activation of the fusiform gyrus in individuals with autism
  218. Cinderella Effect - step parent murders
  219. What do blind people 'see'?
  220. Body visualisation.
  221. The robots are taking over
  222. how to understand the undemonstrative person
  223. A
  224. Is this part of getting older?
  225. Darwin is right, but...
  226. Do most men have sexual preferences for adolescent girls?
  227. How to keep image in your mind longer?
  228. Er....
  229. Good, little-known thought experiments/medical conditions/theories/etc?
  230. Imagining the world.
  231. Getting Shit-faced.....
  232. why we can't tickle ourselves?
  233. Let's talk about Sigmund Freud
  234. Brain differences - left-handed persons
  235. pre clovis textiles
  236. breakdown of mutual respect
  237. Where are the women?
  238. Legalize Prostitution, Polygamy, Incest and Bestiality
  239. The boss's faults.
  240. Psychology and its status in science
  241. IQ and being genius.
  242. More evidence against left brain, right brain theories
  243. Dunning-Kruger Effect, does it affect you?
  244. Federal Incarceration
  245. Is trust earned or learned?
  246. New study on psychopathy
  247. What is psychological view on fetish?
  248. Help locating an old psychology scientific article ?
  249. Brain Patterns
  250. What is the definition of intelligence and stupidity?