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Thread: Do we have a computer programmer in the house?

  1. #1 Do we have a computer programmer in the house? 
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    Just thought I would ask since I have the idea to suggest to the owner of our site that he might consider an offer of help to work on this site.

    The quote notification function seems to be broken and I suspect it is beyond the capability (or the interest) of the owner to fix it.

    There are one or two other malfunctions.

    I think I can contact him even though he does not acknowledge my attempts to communicate with him (the last time he fixed the registration facility) since he is the owner of another site where they do English training in India and I suspect she may know him and pass on messages

    I anticipate he may ignore my next attempt to communicate , but if there is one of us who feels competent to edit the code , I could include that offer of help when I contact him

    I am sure Kalster (our Admin) would be the man but he comes here so infrequently now that I don't want to bother him

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