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    Some members will remember the time ,a few years back when the Admin of this site ,a certain Harald took a huff and the site went very badly downhill.

    When it came back , Kalster made Markus Hanke a fellow admin .

    I have been pm'ing Markus in the last few days (elsewhere on another site) and he has told me that he doesn't have the right device to log into the site anymore and ,in any case he won't be returning.

    So ,I am of the mind to ask Kalster ,our remaining admin to appoint a replacement admin (especially since he himself is a very rare visitor )

    Any suggestions ? I only see Dywyddr and Janus present these days as moderators and I think one of these would be an obvious choice.....

    But are there any other contributors who feel they have a level of expertise or just basic knowledge in any of the sciences and would be prepared to take up the role if Kalster agrees it should be given?

    And ,does anyone want to rule themselves out?

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