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Thread: How often does 'New Threads' refresh?

  1. #1 How often does 'New Threads' refresh? 
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    It is currently more than four hours old.

    Forum time is 4:23PM, and I see recent posts with that time. Yet the top post in 'New Posts' is just after noon.

    It wouldn't be a big deal except that this particular flavour of forum software (same as CosmoQuest) doesn't support alerts.
    Makes it difficult to track down if there have been responses to any posts I've made.

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    It normally refreshes instantly.

    There have been on/off problems with reporting New Posts though (that I thought were behind us) and I hope this problem is not recurring now.

    Once you have read any post it will drop off the list but you can still find it in "Activity Stream"

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