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Thread: Image uploads and links - batting .200

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    I'm very new to this forum, but this isn't my first rodeo by several epochs.

    I'm a big fan of diagrams and images, so I know my way around file uploading and linking. It's identical here as on other fora that use the same software.

    I've uploaded a few images successfully here, but mostly (at least 5 out of 6 times) I get an error dialogue, which unhelpfully simply tells me the upload failed. It takes me at least 6 or so tries using different methods (linking, uploading, setting/unsetting retrieve, uploading to my personal server, etc).

    Now, I know about restrictions of size and format, and I have managed to upload a couple, so it's not like I have restricted permissions.

    And I know, it's not my method or a missed ticky-box or a corrupt file, because I do mostly manage to get them uploaded without making any changes on my end.

    It's got to be some finickiness with the forum.

    Anyone experienced this?

    I can go into specifics, if that's not enough information.

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    You're killin' me here, SciFo.

    You say the upload failed, yet there it is, uploaded.

    Definitely a software glitch.

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    I think many of us are getting these sorts of strange events now. If I edit something, the cursor jumps back and forth along each line. At least half my post get duplicated and I've had to remove duplicates by others.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lynx_Fox View Post
    At least half my post get duplicated and I've had to remove duplicates by others.
    I avoid duplicate posts by ignoring any problems that may occur upon posting and then checking to see if the post has been posted, which it usually has. It seems to me that duplicate posts occur because people repost after receiving an error without looking to see that their post is already there.
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