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    I've been back for about a week now, and I'm sad to see that the number of posts has dropped to almost nil. This forum will only survive if there is an active, continuous discussion. So I would ask the active members....start threads. Even if it's not super scientific. Help build back this forum to it's former glory!

    Fixin' shit that ain't broke.
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    Well said Mac. I would concur with this suggestion, might we also consider a strategy for generating further involvement from those of us who appear more comfortable with responding to existing threads than actively creating new ones. Perhaps with this in mind, we could reintroduce topics that were previously popular. Gun control & Capital punishment were both issues that have generated lively debates and substantial activity.

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    As a new member this is my effort to contribute to the goal. I've started the following threads:

    How to Combat Creationists.

    Lord Kelvin and Occam's Razor
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    Lots of newer posters being mowed down by machine guns. Sometimes it's well deserved...but there shouldn't be a baseline assumption that every poster is a crackpot.
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    Free...Here's some thread ideas

    1. Topics for Threads You're Too Afraid to Introduce

    2. Science Names for Rock Music Groups (checked it out....The Quantum Mechanics already taken)

    3. X Rated Science

    4. Can Science Plan the Perfect Crime
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    All that belongs to human understanding, in this deep ignorance and obscurity, is to be skeptical, or at least cautious; and not to admit of any hypothesis, whatsoever; much less, of any which is supported by no appearance of probability...Hume
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