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Thread: Idea for a thread.

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    All posts have to be short (1 sentence or two) and must specifically address the previous post.

    So the OP can be anything but the subject would veer off at multiple tangents the links being the hopefully logical connection between succeeding posts.

    Each post could only address one point at a time and so no meandering would be allowed.

    Hopefully issues of interest would be discussed but the most important thing would be intellectual rigour and preparedness to take on board contradictory claims.

    Could threads like that work?

    Just as an example we could start the first thread so "Manchester United are rubbish" (discuss) or "President Trump's arse is a breath of fresh air to his sycophantic hangers on"

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    Sort of an "extended" version of FOLLOW ON, a word game?

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    Yes that crossed my mind too.It would be a sort of game but a bit more serious.Sort of of logical links rather than linguistic links.

    I suppose it would not have to be very serious.

    I also thought of the Python "are you looking for an argument ?"sketch.
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