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Thread: A Nanotechnology Sub-Forum?

  1. #1 A Nanotechnology Sub-Forum? 
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    During my internship this summer, I noticed the recent developments made in the field of nanotechnology. The rate of advances in nanotechnology is increasing every year.

    I believe that it would be educative and fruitful for the forum if we create a nanotechnology sub-forum. This way we can discuss advances/theories about recent nanotechnology events or simply ask about things we don't understand. Since nanotechnology is slowly leaching into most of the sciences and fields of engineering, most of us in this forum may find this sub-forum helpful.

    What are your thoughts about this?

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    ...and a nano forum would only have to be very small...

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    I'd suggest that the Physics forum already here would be just as appropriate for that is where it belongs.
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