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    Just an idea I thought about.This is not to cast aspersions on the mods who are surely qualified in ways I can only guess at but here goes.

    Could the site have a sub forum paid for by contributions from the membership that wanted to buy in and which would allow the occasional moderation by one of the highly thought of (and obviously highly qualified)members of the scientific community whose time and input would possibly only be available at a price?

    This person(s) might be available for a week at a time (and the position could be rotated, maybe between the various sub forums).

    If their "wage" was reasonable enough and their were enough members contributing then perhaps it could be affordable.

    On the plus side this might attract extra interest in the site from the general public (especially if some of these personages were well known on TV perhaps) and ,if their depth of knowledge and ability to explain things clearly and well was on show it might lead to an overall raising of the scientific standards in the forum.

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    Some good scientists are also "web angels" - meaning they'll do it from the goodness of their hearts. The trick is attracting those and keeping them active.

    Perhaps attracting the right people, for the wrong reasons, would not go so well.

    A pong by any other name is still a pong. -williampinn
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    I appreciate that a persons's contribution should be taken on face value and also that well known scientists might value anonymity on the forums they may frequent.

    It is just an idea I had .Maybe an unnecessary one. If it had worth it would probably appeal to more advanced posters than myself.

    But I think there are other forums where you have to produce evidence of your academic qualifications to get in (I have been able to spoof my way in to one I remember by giving fake "references" but of course being unable to contribute there is no real point to that...although you can listen into the conversations )
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