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    Ok. I've noticed that the notification that a post has been edited is rather haphazard. I first noticed that in the Site Feedback section as well as other forums in the bottom of the forum are exempt from the notification that a post was edited, when and why and how many times.

    But, now I've noticed that the Math section also doesn't show the notice. And I edited a post way after I originally posted it and it still shows no signs of edit.

    And, I've seen (or rather heard about) people's posts being edited by the mods (Perfect's post in some thread) without any sign of it being edited.

    What's the deal? I can understand a post not showing signs of editing if edited by the original poster within a few minutes after posting, but any later and it should show that it has been edited. Not necessarily how many times... but the date and time should be on there.

    And if a mod edits a post, it should always show that it has been edited. And there should also be a reason stapled on to the end for why it was edited and who edited it.

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    I'm two versions behind on this software. Let me download the lastest and set it up on a beta site so we can see if they fixed the bugs. I guess I can also mess with the mods people want.

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