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Thread: Was made to sign in again

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    Did admin kick everyone out? I wrote a post and went to post it, but I was redirected to the login page. I put my info in and hit log in and then my post didn't post, it just went to a blank white screen. I hit the back button several times hoping my post was still intact, it was not. So, I had to type it again, I copied it before I posted it that way if it blanked out on me again all I'd have to do is hit paste, but this time it posted no problem... I posted all of that to say hopefully log in info isn't being stolen.

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    I'm guessing that the site is now set-up to log out after a specified interval as a safety precaution. Every other site but one that I frequent has that as a default. So, yes, it is a good idea to copy one's post before submitting in case one has been a bit too long in the doing and gets caught timed out.

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