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Thread: VBULLETIN under attack?

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    I have just received an email from another forum saying they are going off-line because of zero-day vulnerabilities in the VBulletin software.

    Hackers claim they used zero-day vulnerability to breach vBulletin support forum | PCWorld

    Even the user forums for the Defcon hacker conference have been taken offline: Hacking of forum software firm vBulletin spawns host of zero-day attacks- The Inquirer

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    Sounds serious enough.
    Also, I noticed a massive increase in spambot accounts over the last 2-3 weeks over on our sister site TPF - every morning when I log into the mod panel I have somewhere in the vicinity of 100-150 moderated posts, all of which are spam. I don't know if that is related, but it is certainly a major annoyance.

    In any case, if there is a critical vulnerability in the forum software I can only hope the software engineers will publish a patch soon.

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