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Thread: Harold's Arrogant Behavior

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    Harold sent this message to me via PM:

    I will not tolerate this. I needed to show this to you before I respond to defend myself. Please remove Harold as Moderator or at least talk to him about behaving himself and not being a hypocrite.

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    Showing Private Messages without the senders consent is pretty bad.
    This thread should be deleted.

    YOU called Dwyddyr an "asshole," so don't be a hypocrite yourself. You also called black people the N-word- repeatedly, and drew the word out demonstratively.

    I've whined about Harold just as much. But in this, I'll support him as he's demonstrated himself to be VERY reserved with using Moderation in general.


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    You just had to post this before I had a chance to respond to your PM?

    Harold is not a Mod, he is an Admin. That doesn't mean he is beyond reproach, but judging by this behaviour of yours, I am sorry to say he has not missed the mark (am removing your quote).

    You leave us no choice here. Don't you see that?
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