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Thread: How Do I Delete My Account?

  1. #1 How Do I Delete My Account? 
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    I really want to delete my account.
    How do I delete my account?
    Is it possible to delete my account in this site?

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    Why not just stop using it? You only have this and one empty post.

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    I see this on other forums sometimes. Usually when Iam browsing the net for something. And it is often from people who only posted to ask this question, it makes me wonder why someone would register if they had no intention to participate. It isn't like the forum is only readable to those who register. Or did they hear that we had an awesome trash can? Or were they trying to stalk a member who's profile is only visible to other members. Which I think is pretty damned shady.

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    Don't bother with this one folks.

    I'm sympathetic and I'm dealing with it another way. That other thread might magically vanish in a day or so.
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    It's vanished now. Take it easy on the poor kid.
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