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    Though-out the forum, I've commented several times in many threads about your position as Administrator, even going as far as to suggest you should not be one.

    I thought about PM'ing this, but I'd rather everyone sees it and besides, I couldn't possibly go back and edit that all out. It's all been "too seen" across the board.

    Something you said recently made me question my judgment on that. To which I responded, "It's a personal peeve." And I stand by that but- it also shows that your interests lie in a proper forum by a standard you believe is best (even if others don't agree) and if you couple this with a lack of abuse of that admin position- I owe you an "I'm sorry" for doubting your capability of holding that position.

    I've been operating under a delusion of my own, that in appearing to suppress scientific debunking of certain ideas, you may hold questionable judgment on certain topics relating to the future of scientific progress.

    I think that is unfair of me to make that kind of condemnation.

    But I can't play totally nice. I'd ruin my reputation of internet asshole. So, I also must point out that I think you really need to examine your personal feelings on the matter and how it influences how you respond to and treat others that commit the act that peeves you.
    Because I also made a point- it's not your house and you're not being interrupted cooking dinner. A discussion forum is a resource for information, exchange of ideas and debate.

    This thread has just served it's entire purpose and Mod/Admin may feel encouraged to lock 'er up.

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