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Thread: I''ll remain hopeful, it wont happen overnight, but it will happen. westwind.

  1. #1 I''ll remain hopeful, it wont happen overnight, but it will happen. westwind. 
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    Something seems to be wrong. Not only is TSF Home page ignoring my Log in details, ( my third password change in 24 hours ), but when I bring up the Home Page I cannot see Chat box talk. Just a band of yellow telling me to "" Register "". I grow weary.

    Appeal to Admin to view this situation with an interest in wots happening here?

    If you are reading this Thread than, even though we seem to be having trouble with Password recognition, I must have access somewhere.

    I have a feeling that something really important ( Science ), will occur soon, 2013, and I'd like to be onboard when it does. Thanks. westwind.

    Words words words, were it better I caught your tears, and washed my face in them, and felt their sting. - westwind
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    You can't login using your -was-working-but-not-anymore- password but on one of your PCs you were already logged in and that's how you have posted this thread, is that right?

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