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Thread: Marking the threads one has posted in

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    Marking the threads one has posted in

    Would it be possible to implement a feature for marking the threads one has posted in?

    At some forums, the threads one has posted in are marked differently than others, so that one can easily find them.

    The icon before each thread thus carries 2 informations:

    1. whether there are new posts in that thread,

    2. whether one has posted in that thread.

    For example, the icon can consist of a circle within a square.

    If the circle is yellow, one has posted in that thread; if it is the same colour as the square, then one hasn't posted in that thread.

    If the icon is in full colour, there are new posts in that thread. If it is in dimmed colour, there are no new posts in that thread since one's last visit.

    The subscription tool is just too tedious for me. It is easier and quicker to go to the whole forum, view the whole list of threads, new and old (and recognize the ones one has posted in) -- rather than first check out the subscribed ones, and then click through the forums to find the new ones.

    Would it be possible to implement a new system here? It would really be great.

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    Huhm. You're right. I could have sworn that it was already set up this way. What the hell was I thinking?

    How simple of an adjustment would this be, I wonder?

    OH. And I'd just recommend putting the circle into threads you've posted in. Not all threads as you've recommended. You'd just have to set it so that when the thread has unread posts and is dark that the color is changed so that it is visible. Either white or orange. Depending on aesthetics.

    OH. And another question relatiing to such markings. As to these 'hot threads'. How do they work? Is it just a matter of how many pages there are? If so, then the orange coloration is useless as you can see how many pages are in the thread. It almost has to be just a function of number of pages as there are 'hot threads' that are months old.

    Ah. I just noticed the locked thread marking. This would be easily confused with the 'posted in' mark. Care would need to be taken to differentiate. I'd suggest possibly changing the locked thread icon to a different color (the lock not the envelope) or putting the lock outside the envelope rather than inside.

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    Yes, hot threads are post-wise (or page-wise if that's your thing). However, the color sets them apart better than the amount of pages, so it's easier to notice :P.

    On the regard of putting circles in it, I fear it's a little more complex than adding some graphics. It requires a hack, a mod basically, and graphics to function. It's not a simple aesthetic modification, but rather a modification of the source code. It is possible, however, and I'll look into it, as soon as I have the merge thread option enabled.

    I do appreciate your suggestion, however, and future suggestions are very welcome. We need you to be able to improve the board.

    Mr U
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