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Thread: Warning to All Members - Malicious Spam Via PM

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    (In)Sanity and I have been pretty vigilant in vanquishing spammers of late, but I wanted to make an announcement regarding a particularly nasty and cowardly form of spammer.

    They take on personae and avatars that give the appearance of being staff, even administrators of the forum, which is why I refer to them as "cowardly" since they cannot be themselves.

    The PMs contain a link and a message about protecting against virus attacks. The link itself is a trojan and redirects to a site that will infect your machine if you run Windows, particularly if you use Internet Explorer. I'm not sure about Mac OS users, but Linux users appear to have little to fear, though there is a possibility that javascript on the site could do some damage or at least be annoying.

    If you get a PM from someone you don't know that contains a link, I recommend you notify myself or (In)Sanity right away. Forward the PM contents to us or post in the "Report Spam Here" thread of this subforum. We check it regularly.

    If a PM is from someone that claims themselves to be an "administrator" and it isn't SkinWalker or (In)Sanity and possibly HomoUniversalis, with those spellings and capitalizations/punctuations, then they're lying. If you get a PM that claims to be from a moderator that isn't one of the following, they're lying:

    Lynx_Fox (a.k.a. Lynx_Foxx)

    I realize that a couple of those in the list aren't currently moderating, but they are generally considered moderator emeritus and part of the TSF staff.

    Don't be afraid to check out a member by utilizing the membership list or by PMing a moderator or one of the two administrators.

    The problem with PM spammers is this: they don't start threads or write posts in threads. They only send out PMs to other members in hopes of getting hits to their sites. In the case of the cowards we have targeting our membership right now, the goal appears to be to infect your computer and, perhaps, obtain personal information such as passwords and credit card info. In a way, their inactivity makes them stand out a bit on a small forum like this. As does their stupidity in donning the guise of moderators/administrators. Being a small forum, even the newest members quickly become familiar with the actual moderators.

    Just keep in mind, however, the bolded usernames above are the only moderators and administrators as of this date.



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