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    People need to support their claims.

    Effective communication in writing is simple

    Make your point
    Support your point

    When arguing it is the same

    Make a claim in a new thread
    Support your claim with examples

    those in agreement with your claim and/or supportive examples, can elucidate and/or provide further supportive examples

    those in disagreement with either your claim and/or your support can refute them and provide counter examples

    Discussion tend to descend into the realm of making claims, without support.

    And so often do people, who's arguments are presented with counterexamples, claim their point was misunderstood. It is clear to most with any experience in writing, that to support your claim, not only provides evidence, but also clarifies what your point is. So providing support for your argument will prevent misunderstandings, inspire others to support their claims(overall starting a chain reaction of intelligent conversations, and thus intelligent thinking) and offers the best chances for resolving debates between the most number of people.

    I'm asking moderators to be more proactive in mentioning when someone is not supporting their points. I don't know if it's apropriate for ordinary members to do so, but I think it would be best if we did not have to, because it is so easily turned into an argument itself, "You are not supporting your claim, so your claim is wrong by default"

    I know I am guilty of hypocrisy in this, I both have made claims without due support, and have pointed out the lack of support in people's arguments, both things I will do my best to take a stance against from this point on, and I ask that other members do the same. This seems to me to be the best solution to some problems, ONLY if moderators are more aggressive with pointing out when someone is lacking support for their claims.

    I think it should be a public note, in the post itself: asking for revision to include more support. It being public will show everyone, not just the poster, what the standards of discussion are.

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