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Thread: More criticism of how this forum is run

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    as i said, skinwalker can't face the truth--this is the scientific study of religion thread in the scientific study of religion forum NOT the review the scientific literature thread.

    you are not inspiring discourse but went off topic from the beginning and show that you ignore your own rules.

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    Moderator comment: This sounds more like comments on how the science forum is run or should be run and criticism of its administration than haveing anything to do with the topic of the thread under which this post was made.

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    Archaeologist, I realize your upset due to the fact that the administration here and myself reject your answers.

    To give a hypothetical scenario if we asked you why the sky is blue you would answer with , Because god made it that color. This is no exaggeration. You have done this type of thing over and over again to scientific questions. Your unhappy because this is not the right forum for you, this is a science forum. I'm not sure why you are here or what your motives really are. They don't appear to be about science.
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