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Thread: Why Was My Post Moved or Deleted?

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    i see people are removing my posts even when i quote another poster and adress the quoted passage.

    the [rejudice of the moderator and others on this board shows thatthey are worse than christrians as they do not want to hear the truth but want to willingly be decieved.

    what are they afraid of that they have to remove posts which are legitimate? it is clear that in their own minds they think they can study something and come up with the correct answer, but they can't.

    when will this forum become honest?

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    If you find your posts moved or deleted, please do not post in the same thread your complaint or issue with this. Instead, utilize the PM system to answer your question or post here in the Site Feedback forum.

    The OP of this thread is one such removed post. It was off-topic in its original location.

    As to the specific (re)moved posts mentioned above, they were moved to the Trash Can section. The discussion can still continue there if need be. Reason(s) for removal are listed there.

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