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    hmm a religous section on a science forum.
    seems out of place.

    surely it's just a debate about who has the better imaginary friend.

    discuss whether or not religion has a place in science, my opinion - no.

    everything is mathematical.
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    A debate about wether or not we should have a debate or not?
    anyway, I do think we should debate relieon so long as no-one gets offended.
    It helps people understand each others veiwpoints, and lets people express their thoughts.

    and does religeon have a place in science?
    I dont realy know, religeus people tend to get offended when science gets involved in religeon, but are quite happy when it happens the other way round.
    but there is a large number of religeous scientists. and peoples veiws are important,
    Religeon and science will allways have their arguements.

    'if one man beleaves in fairies its called madness
    if one million men beleave in faries its called religion'- Richard Dawkings
    (but i think he was quoting someone when he said it...but who cares)
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    I agree that religion has nothing to do with science, and that most topics on human belief systems could either be placed in Social / Behavioral Science or History. But that didn't work in practise, the other sections were overwhelmed with religious topics and moving them would always stirr up a lot of debate. So having a separate religion section seems a good way out.

    So I'm with you on principle but not in practice :wink: A science forum has no obligation to cover religion specifically, just as it has no obligation to devote a section to astrology. But if religious topics keep popping up everywhere then it's good to have a place for them.
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