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    the picture says it all.

    "This photo, taken May 5, 2005, was posted on the U.S. Marine Corps website (but has since been removed), under the headline “M-1A1 Abrams tank rolls over insurgency in Iraq .” The words written on the tank’s gun are “New Testament.”
    All churches should react with horror: denounce such a perversion of the gospel in their local papers, protest to the U.S. Marines, etc. This kind of blasphemy is what comes of centuries of mixed messages by the churches on war. It is time for a complete recovery of gospel nonviolence/biblical pacifism. It is time to stop confusing the Way of Jesus with the way of the gods of war and destruction!"

    when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth
    A.C Doyle
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    Because someone used poor judgement and made a horrible "joke" resulting from the mixed messages Christianity in relation to warfare is no reason for real christians to "crucify" someone. Especially the entire marine corps. Everyone has a right to defend themselves. (this isn't intended as a debate as to weather or not the U.S. should have a presence in Iraq.

    An equally erronious thought would be that all true Christians endorse or agree with the sentiment expressed in this picture. We should target all christians and punish them because one guy and few of his friends acted inappropriately.

    If anything this picture is a blazing example of how far from actual christianity the "christian movement" actually is. We should call it Christianism istead of christianity.

    Don't expect me to disown a person who puts his life on the line, defending my freedom to be a christian or butthole, becuase he made a poor, tastless, inappropriate, misinformed joke. I don't disown my enimies either...

    If we disagree then you must be right...
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