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Thread: Was Mankind Created Immortal?

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    Physically that is. Were we intended to live forever? YEC's seem to think so.

    As far as I understand it, the body has always been meant to die but the spirit is immortal to most Bible enthusiasts. Now I have heard from different Bible camps that the spirit can die also, true or false?

    If we were meant to live forever physically then what was the original intent of heaven? A place for God to hang out? If so were man's sins enough to have God remodel the place to accomodate some souls after eternal life on Earth was pretty much kiboshed by Him?

    Since this is a science forum..... would it be possible for any physical entity to live forever even though it very much looks like the universe would go first with entropy, heat death and decay being what they are? If so would eternal life for a physical being require a divine intervention such as a rebith of the universe? Or is heaven a place for souls to go when there's no universe left to live in, heaven being immune from the laws of physics? But then we wouldn't be immortal, would we?

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