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    This poem reflects my religious beliefs which is Naturalism


    My temple is the greatest there is
    Where most of its occupants are his
    Living their lives as best they can his way
    And struggling to survive the hardships of today

    This mighty temple has the sky above as its ceiling
    And the floor of the Earth as the floor for its healing
    The mountains and the oceans are the walls that confine
    So let us worship this gigantic treasure which is thine

    This treasure is Nature!

    If you love these great gifts to behold
    Then you must rebuff those that defile with a scold
    And protect Natures right to exist
    For all their lives are worthy for them to subsist

    As they frolic about on land and sea you will agree
    Do not look down upon them because they are free
    And release those that are caged and abused
    So that all will enjoy a life where they are not used

    Their lives let us ensure!

    The ceiling has the great light of the day
    And the twinkling lights of the night that are faraway
    Let us enjoy these night lights to behold
    And the warmth of the daylight that dispels the cold

    This is all free for everyone to enjoy
    And we should learn that Nature we should not annoy
    For they all enjoy living as we people do
    So realize that in the beginning they all ran, swam and flew

    I am sure you can see that their spirits are pure!

    And those giants of the plant world are worthy to see
    For they purify the air to keep life in harmony
    Let us do what we can to ensure the trees a life of great length
    For they all are a good example of great strength

    And the flowers of spring need we say are beautiful to see
    As are all the tiny plants as they emerge in ecstasy
    Let us admire them all with the greatest of reverence
    For some are the source of our living affluence

    So please help their cause with some expenditure!


    Real science is objective, not subjective
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