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    So, let us look for the reasons of the current predominant religion.

    The current religion was created millenniums ago by ancient minds that had no access to science or the evolution of the human race.
    However, they were aware of the Sun, Moon and the seven planets that revealed themselves as moving bright stars and also the stable fixed distant twinkling stars in the heavens.
    What did they learn from these heavenly bodies?

    Well, let us first look to the surrounding environment that was available to the writers of the bible.

    Since this book has so much influence on today’s society here in the west, the bible will be evaluated.

    The bible promotes the 'one god' concept with the 1st 3 commandments. It also promotes chauvinism with the long line of generations of their sons while promoting the females (Eve) as sinners according to my summation of the biblical content.
    How did they arrive at this conclusion? Well, in nature, there is just one land animal that promotes the chauvinistic characteristic and that is the male lion. It is the 'supreme killer' in Africa with its sharp retractable claws and its suit of 'hair' armor.

    But to get to the real reason of why the ancients believed in a deity is that they knew that the cycles of the Moon were linked to the menstrual periods of the females. The females probably were aware of this first.
    The image on the Moon appears to be sculptured to appear as a fetus and they took this link to the human females periods to mean that a deity or spirit was the reason for this image. This is a remarkable coincidence that cannot be ignored. So, from this link, they could have assumed that a spirit was the creator of these heavenly bodies and therefore, has some credibility.
    It just happens that this image on the Moon was linked to the land shape of the Italian peninsula that forms the shape of a human leg that the ancients were also aware of. With this assumption, the geographic land area was apportioned and identified with various body parts that progressed up through the Middle East, Arabic countries, Asia, China, Mongolia and ending in Japan.
    By association, the Holy Land is the area where the ‘rear’ (RE-ligious AR-ea) of this human anatomy would be.

    Although this is using subliminal psychology of the English language as I see it and appears to be speculative, I am sure that this knowledge was apparent to the ancients.
    These traveling merchant traders could have acquired this knowledge through their travels.

    So with the link between the Moons image and the menstrual periods of woman, this could then be considered as science(?).
    The idea of a creator spirit is apparent for the Moon, the Earth and the other bodies. Then, the lion identifies with the ‘day’ (light) that is the Sun and the apes and oxen with the ‘night’ (darkness) that is the Moon, establishes the origins of the beginning of the biblical idea of ‘light’ and ‘darkness’ as separate creations and also identifies the lion as the Egyptian Sun god RA.
    Since the lion is a carnivorous animal that kills, it then represents death as a killer god, while on the other hand, the Moon represents the opposite as a creator God IMHO.
    The genocidal deity would then have to be the lion as a punishing death god.

    So the only real science here is the link between the Moon's image and the periods of the females. From this one fact, the idea of religion was born.


    Real science is objective, not subjective
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