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    a reality you have all yet to properly explain
    THE OMNIPRESENT IMMORTAL (all space, all time)

    This is the tough one.

    In the book, the thing on my website (download button) I began by assuming that our perception was separate to reality, that modern science is correct in not involving a theory of perception into space and time.

    I then said time that doesn’t pass, as observed, well, we would watch it and watch it and watch it, if indeed there is no time associated to our perception, as science would believe in not including our perception in theories of time.

    I then also said that in being aware of infinite space, well, if space permeates everything, and we have to involve our perception in that, but clearly can’t, technically, in not being able to define the limits of space for us to be aware around of, then it is nothing space.

    In both counts, zero space and infinite space, and zero time as infinite time.

    Then I said the purpose that faced us was for that scheme to gobble up our perception, for us to INCORPORATE into that reality our perception, for our perception to be labeled with that reality we have all come to accept care of modern science.

    Some would argue that in then applying that scheme to our perception, involving our perception with that scheme, we are invalidating it. Because in involving our perception in time that doesn’t pass, our perception would not pass either, and thus we also would have no perception. But we ARE aware, we have a perception. Thus, the way to accept that is that we are “immortal”, we are as immortal as time itself, that we are the process of time moving, and thus in moving with and as time, we would not register its passage. The same exists with the way to be aware of all space, of infinite space, we would have to be OMNIPRESENT, all space. In being omnipresent, yet not being aware of time passing, in having no boundaries, in being un-defineable, we are as nothing, space is as nothing. Or even on another scale, if our perception is omnipresent, space would be the thing that is rendered as NOTHING.

    Take time to think about this.

    This is a GOD CODE, it seems. A code associated with the “two points as one” algorithm (previously known as SPAM by some reviewers).

    And this is the difficult thing to present, the OMNIPRESENT IMMORTAL PERCEPTION CONSTRUCT that PERCEIVES reality for what has been described in my pdf is difficult to present that, it is SO unbelieveable as a construct of logic...........because GOD has been taught as a construct of FAITH, not LOGIC.

    It’s worthy of sharing, the TRUTH of reality..........IF it is true.

    Basically, combining the zero-infinity space-time scheme with perception creates the OMNIPRESENT IMMORTAL construct. That’s what this theory has actually achieved, in theory.........and I never sought that concept, it explained itself.

    Please return to the book if you were instructed to come here by your doubts.

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