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Thread: greek gods and wars between them.

  1. #1 greek gods and wars between them. 
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    Did the greeks gods war?

    If so did Zeus ever war with the other God's?

    I am under the impression that Zeus was a little evil but mostly a good god.

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    The Greek Gods were born of war.
    Kronos overthrew his father Uranus and was in turn overthrown by his own son, Zeus.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thepersianpuzzle View Post
    Did the greeks gods war?
    Er, the Titanomachy.

    If so did Zeus ever war with the other God's?
    "Zeus then waged a war against his father..."
    (Previous link).

    I am under the impression that Zeus was a little evil but mostly a good god.
    They ALL had a human nature.
    Ergo he (and they) could be complete sh*ts at times.
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    I am operating from long time memory for the most part but I think there was no "goodness" in them at all.

    They were to be feared and admired but they were not running for office.

    I can't recall a single one that ever gave me a warm feeling,They were always feuding and had no feeling of kindness to the human kind.It was as well for you if you were not on their radar.

    The only exceptions were if you were somehow related to one of them (if one of your parents had been a god).This was the case with Achilles and so he always had the gods rooting for him in his battles with the Trojans and Hector.

    I suspect that there were many more cases and of course some Romans emperors came to believe and propagate that they were gods (as I remember from "I Claudius"...)

    Even today some politicians and leaders around the world seem to think they are divine (queen lizzy?).
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    I don't think the Gods were thought of as "evil". Honestly, I've not found mention of a term like evil much in Greek myth. It might be translated from text on monsters and spirits and such, but it isn't really applicable to the Gods.

    A modern Christian might consider it evil for Artemis to curse a family line and bring about the Trojan War, but to the Greeks this was interpreted as ignorance on the part of the mortals which led them down a destructive path with, hopefully, a moral at the end of the tale. The Gods did some pretty terrible things, but I can't recall ever seeing it described as evil.

    They were swift and cold in their punishments, though. No mistake about that.
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    The Gods certainly weren't benevolent, but they weren't malevolent either. They didn't hate mortals and want to destroy them.

    Xianity, Judaism, and Islam simplified religion to the point of numbskullery. Satan bad. Him hate everyone. Him want destroy no matter what, for not reason, for fun. God good. Him love all people. Him help, except when you need not get help for you own good.

    The Greek gods were more complex. Zeus would help you if your interests and his interests aligned. Or Ares, or Aphrodite, or Athena. To those who served those gods, they were considered benevolent in that it was believed if you served them then they would recognize your service and reward it.
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    Religion for dummies. For when more than one single God is higher than you can count.
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