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Thread: The Global Religious SEX trade.

  1. #1 The Global Religious SEX trade. 
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    So the Christian faith leadership of clergy has been caught, touching the cookie jar of innocence and virginity.
    Touching our underaged innocent girls and boys.

    I dunno how many priests, bishops, cardinals and yes EVEN POPES have been caught raping kids, or trying to keep it under the covers of covenant.
    Ratzinger, knew all about it, never told about it,... and the Catholic Curch made him a Pope. :-(

    But seriously? Do we think this ends with Religious Nazi, by Mussolini made in to a state, The Vatican City, The Roman Catholic Church.... alone?

    Can you seriously sit back,... knowing already what a Christian Church did... by giving their religious leaders almost ultimate power within their communities,... and think....

    This does not happen in other religious communities?

    What ever....?

    Should OUR ELECTED politicians, not pre-emptive strike against sexual misconduct in other religious communities? DRAW IT OUT !

    Are you people really so stiff, you think... the Christain Church, is the only Religious Clergy, where men have been given absolute power over the community and its children... That this Religious Glergy would not be tempted by its animal instincts ... and goes on to RAPE YOUR CHILDREN?

    I am an Atheist, yeah sure hold this against me,...
    I am telling you NOW:

    'All religious clergy and male dominated cultures will have in inbread ability to rape your children. Keep a man long enough from the female reproductive organ,... then some males will go do cultural wrong things against the personal will of a individual female '

    The Roman Catholic Church does not hold the exclusiveness on male hormonal potential for sexual tendicy to rape your under aged children!!


    This is Year ZERO.



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    This is full of nonsense about sex and sex drives - apart from anything else.


    "Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen." Winston Churchill
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