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Thread: Science of the Crucifixion

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    When certain events in the Bible are scientifically questioned, most christians resist any investigation into miracles and seek to change the subject, while their beliefs are declared to be a matter of faith alone. While I don't hate christianity, boy do I hate it when they tell me their faith cannot be challenged. They use this mechanism to undermine the natural laws of science.
    When it comes to the Crucifixion we should know that no one subjected to this most brutal and intentionally prolonged of executions ever survived it to walk again. Borrowed from the Persians, it was perfected by the Romans to ensure the most excrutiating death. Before being nailed to the cross the legs would probably have been broken to prevent them resisting the pull of gravity on the upper body. Nobody nailed down would have survived more than 24 hours. The most likely cause of death would be heart failure brought on by shock, pain and exposure, but not before bones had been dislocated and internal organs ripped apart. The weight of the body pulling down on the arms would make breathing difficult and this alone could have resulted in suffocation.
    We are told that Jesus was also stabbed by a spear and taken down to be entombed. After 72 hours he rose again and was alive for a further 40 days until he ascended bodily into heaven (contrary of course to the law of gravity).
    Believe what you like, but no human is remotely capable of this. Jesus is most commonly referred to as a man by the church. But men have Y chromosones and Jesus could not have because he did not have a biological father. This clearly disobeys the laws of biology. Every human has half its DNA from its father and half from its mother. Clearly Jesus did not and I suppose the nonsense of the virgin birth could be used affirm how he survived the crucifixion. If you disagree with this logic please let me know.
    It is also related in the NT that in the period between death and resurrection Jesus descended into hell to preach to the dead. Christians like to state that there are more people alive today than have ever lived before. As usual they are wrong and in this case by at least a factor of 13. The number of people who have lived and died in the last 100,000 years alone is around 90 billion. Preaching to this number must have taken some doing.
    We can also point a finger at the mythical cosmology of the NT which was regarded as a 3 storied structure with heaven above, the earth in the middle and hell below. We can also question the improbable geological story that after the resurrection an earthquake occurred which broke open the tombs of saints who themselves rose from the dead and walked around the city of Jerusalem (Matthew 27:52).
    When the NT gets the natural laws of biology, physics, geology and cosmology totally wrong, then why shouldn't we challenge the accepted teaching of these key events in the Bible?



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    This is mostly an anti-Christianity shot gun blast rather than a sincere attempt to discuss science of religion. What makes it worst is half the details are wrong starting with the 72 hours (more like 36 hours if you do the math).

    Closed and I'm sending you away for a few days for trolling.

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