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Thread: Evidence for Christ

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    I have already shown how biased and unreasonable your sources are.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cyborg3 View Post
    I have already shown how biased and unreasonable your sources are.
    It would be helpful if you noted to whom your reply was intended.
    Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind. -- Albert Einstein

    If God DID do all of this, is He not the greatest scientist of all? -- dt, 2005

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    Quote Originally Posted by daytonturner View Post
    So everybody moved over here to attack the religiosity of Jesus when the actual topic seems to focus on the question of what in history and science supports the idea that there was a physical person in Palestine by the name of Jesus who existed and had a small Jewish ministry in the first century?
    Actually the OP wanted a discussion about Christ...a metaphysical construct. That's not what this forum is for. It is for the science of religion...not a procession of non-scientific methodologies on one side and a string of science minded continuously have to rehash the fundamental rules of basic logic, such as burden of proof..

    Closed. (should have done a long time ago.)
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