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Thread: David Sloan Wilson and the Evolutionary Study of Religion?

  1. #1 David Sloan Wilson and the Evolutionary Study of Religion? 
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    I know too little to have a strong opinion on this guy.
    I find him interesting but I also feel unsure what to make
    of his claims. I am not that clever to decide if he is on to
    something important or if he is lost inside his own bubble.

    Like me he is 100% atheist but the other atheists seems
    to not agree with him on why religion still exists despite
    our world has education and should have got rid of faith?

    The New Atheism and Evolutionary Religious Studies: Clarifying Their Relationship

    another guy that also seems to care about groups and if group cohesion may
    make use of religion to be effective in combating free riders exploiting the group
    is Jon Haidt. He has an old text on Edge about it. in case you are
    interested in such? Jonathan Haidt | Profile at Edge

    So I post this entry to start a friendly discussion on scientific study of different aspect
    of religion. What makes it tic? Why is it still with us? What to do now? How can we encourage
    reliable research that explain the good and bad effects of religious faith? Friendly discussion
    not fierce debate is what I want.

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    What Tea Partiers Really Want | By Jonathan Haidt -
    I do like this piece by Jonathan Haidt on karma. A neat argument.

    "Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen." Winston Churchill
    "nature is like a game of Jenga; you never know which brick you pull out will cause the whole stack to collapse" Lucy Cooke
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    Jay, thanks for that link. I like Jon Haidt very much.
    But when I read Sam Harris critic of Jon then I feel
    like ... Hey guys can you talk on my level so I have
    a chance to get what your two disagree upon?

    I grew up with a Socialist Father who most likely
    hated TeaParty politics and where we lived almost
    everbody where and still are Social Democrats.
    I guess that would be far left of the Democatic Party?

    We loves Obama so I trust that seems a fair way to see it.

    But the more I read about the ideas that Haidt has the
    more interested I become in getting reliable result of
    study on what makes human cooperation work.

    What I disagree on about Haidt's views are his positive
    view on Buddhism. I am very skeptical to their view on Karma.

    Sure there are Buddhists that don't see it as super natural
    but if one listen to prominent Buddhist figures like Dalai Lama
    then they do seems to see the Tsunami and karma as something
    related. If you where at the place where the Tsunami struck then
    the reason you where there where your karma.

    I mean come on. How scientific is such claims.

    But if one take Karma to be a metaphor for social reputation
    then it could work as way to keep track of good and bad behavior.

    Back to this evolutionary study of religion. Maybe there are simpler
    explanations then the 5 or 6 factors for moral systems that Haidt
    has on his site. Sam Harris suggest there is only two? Harm/Fair?
    But that where a text way back in 2007? So he may have changed
    that since then. I read it on his site. His answer to Haidt.

    I can give link in case somebody interested.

    I feel very unsure about this Group Selection argument. I feel for it
    but I know too little. But my practical experience is that it can be true.

    Being 100% atheist have made me very skeptical to anything religious
    but some 50 years of experience of religious groups that I fighted to
    the best of my knowledge confirm that as groups they most likely
    had tools for to keep together in ways that the Socialists and Communists
    failed to invent. And the irony is that the social tools of cooperation that
    the political Left use here in Sweden do look very much like religious traditions too.

    That felt very embarrassing when I became aware of how similarly they behaved.
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