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While the identity stuff is interesting and perhaps does to a large degree explain folk like dayturner, who'll toss away any resemblance to objectivity and reason to fit his particular sky-god views, I think it's far too dichotomous. Surely religions, religious folks and secular folks often find ways to either compartmentalize their worldviews or even adopt them. I've known dozens of atheist scientist that still go through the motions of being religious to connect to their family, the sense of community, or give their children an "easier" moral grounding. Christianity is full of customs from other religious cultures that were integrated into their own...it's also adapted dramatically since the enlightenment the result being a much more subtle and peaceful form than it was most of its history.
I agree with this, for the most part. The dichotomy is in the healthy version . A single condition of a person should not decide (to a large extent) other conditions.
That isn't recognised equally in all religions or other identities.

The harmful version is when there is suggestion that the identity does define the person. And that is true in many cases, not just in religion.
Identity politics is a good example.