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Thread: Is this westwind's 100th Post?--- The Astral Window in the Mind.

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    Hoping this is my 100th Post. I can only refer to personal experience to flesh out this thread. However, I'm an old man in years and in the Physical sense. ( so my Doctors keep warning me ). I make this point that I have no hidden aggendas, no barrow to push, no self--glorification ambitions, no one to please but myself. I believe what I am going to tell you is the facts as I remember them and are actual experiences. When I was in my late 20's early 30's I had Visions. Four Visions to be precise. Married with children and starting up my own home. The first two Visions relayed to me the results of two gambling events. To the very last detail. The gambling events forcast results that would take place several weeks in the Future. I noted this information down, and because the Visioary details were so demanding, shared them with my workmates. In fact, both times my workmates reminded me of these events as they were about to occur. We all had our few dollars on the outcome. My fame spread far and wide after all events turned out as seen in the Vision.(s). The next two Visions were probably more important. I had an unfortunate experience at our Cancer Hospital, best Cancer hospital in Australia. A fairly severe Melanoma operation on my back left me with a hefty skin graft late on a Saturday night. Evertthing OK until late on the Sunday night. I had to sleep. During sleep I wiped the Skin Graft completely off. 3inch by five inch. They didn't find me until it was almost too late. I overheard, sometime later, a Surgeon having a few doubts about my long term prospects. Sometime during the next day or two I had This Vision. You are not going to die old son, this train that you can see is delivering filling for your back, so relax old pal, everything is under control.From that awakening moment on I was so full of confidence that I had the Hospital Staff worried. Two weeks later I was Home, and with good care from my Family I made a full recovery. Now the last Vision. I was on the back of a lorry with a long open tray. I had suit cases packed and we were on our way to the Airport. I t was taking forever to get there. Winding in and out of waterways the Airport seemed as far away as ever. At last we arrived only I slipped over in the Airport with my cases and failed to make it aboard the Flight. They would not let me board. And then we came back through these waterways on the lorry. There The Vision ended, except I awoke saying I have missed a very special Flight. This was also relayed to ,one of my workmates. He made a note of it. Two weeks later the Auckland Flight out of New Zealand's North Island crashed into Mt. Erebus in the Antartica. All on board were killed. The Airport that I saw in my Vision was the Auckland Airport. Because in the vision I was seeing a birds eye view of the layout of the Airport. This was published in all the Newspapers in Australia. Someone from the Astral Plane attempted to provide warning of this coming event. Why a warning? Because it was discovered that the wrong co--ordinates had been logged into the planned flight path computer programme. The plane was always going to crash. westwind.

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    Astonishing. If you have other such insights will you be kind enough to share them? Hopefully you will be with us for some time to come, at least a few hundred more posts.

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