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Thread: Creationist Theory of the Post Flood.

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    I happened to find this when I was reading about kangaroos. Apparently creationists love them, so I ended up finding a lot of creationist sites. This one was the best. (As an athiest, of course it gave me a laugh, but it's surprisingly well reasoned for the position it is trying to defend, so I think non-athiests might like it too.) Enjoy:

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    reading the first five sections, the claims the person makes still fails to explain the lack of fossil evidence for their theory. if the ancestors of all the world's land animals were located in the middle east then the fossil record would show a trend of animals spreading out and changing over time as they approached the places they are now. additionally the fossil record would not contain information on the development of species where they are currently located as it in fact does.

    i agree that it makes me laugh as an atheist and that it provides a far more logical justification for biblical texts than other creationists provide, but it falls far short of current scientific models that disagree with the bible.

    physics: accurate, objective, boring
    chemistry: accurate if physics is accurate, slightly subjective, you can blow stuff up
    biology: accurate if chemistry is accurate, somewhat subjective, fascinating
    religion: accurate if people are always right, highly subjective, bewildering
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