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Thread: Religionist, by their very existence, go against God'swill.

  1. #1 Religionist, by their very existence, go against God'swill. 
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    Religionist, by their very existence, go against God'swill.

    We are told, in Genesis that man is to have dominion over the earth. We were given knowledge of good and evil to help us along that road.

    It is Godís will then, that man, not God should reign. Reign over all of nature which includes man himself as part of nature.

    To promote the idea of following a God then, other than a man God, goes against what God wants.

    I think it logical then that if God wanted dominion he would be here among us helping or guiding the various decisions that man makes in terms of law. He is not.
    A leader or king or God cannot claim anything if not able to make his voice heard. An absentee landlord cannot collect rent if he is not there to do so.

    It is also impossible to have a diverse population follow laws when there is no one there to enforce them.
    Law, without the power to enforce is just words to be ignored by those who do not agree with it.

    Most western religions have Genesis as part of their belief system.

    Why then do you ignore this God given directive and cling to one that has told you to go and do as told?

    Why do you disobey God.


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