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Thread: theory of god. that might be plausible(if still incorrect)

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    i want to talk about the religious moderates view of the universe, and god.
    i've recently been working on a theory of god that is proveable.
    i am an agnostic mostly, although i can be atheistic at times, but anyways,
    here's my idea.

    picture an anthill.
    the anthill is one of the peculiarities in nature, and almost works like a central nervous system, where each ant sends pheromones to eachother to communicate danger, food, etc.
    in this way, the anthill builds up something reminiscent of a primitive conscience, almost sentience.
    so with that in mind, picture the universe as an enormous anthill.
    this universe anthill is god.
    in this way, we're all part of god, and gods will, and all that jazz.
    god would also be omnipresent, and its potency only limited to what everything, and everyone in the universe is capable of.
    now, this might simply be an anthropomorphization of the universe, and calling it god.
    but if god works like ants, with some sort of pheromone-god particle to set its will upon us, we would have evidence for being part of a greater entity with a common will.
    what that will is, i don't know, but imo, there might be a reason why we feel so euphoric from gaining more knowledge and understanding of the universe and the world we live in.

    when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth
    A.C Doyle
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