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Thread: And suddenly enlightenment (or agnosticism)

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    I'm going to say something that would get me crucified. If any believer in religion views modern science as flawed or a threat, to a point where they seek to eliminate or ignore it, THEIR FAITH IS WEAK. I've seen many relatively intelligent theists that fully accept what science findings tell us. Everyone else? "NO! It cannot be! That would mean...NO! It's a lie!" It's so weak they have to shield themselves from reality to maintain it. Meanwhile others EMBRACE reality while maintaining it. After all, if you really do believe that God exists and had a hand in making the bible, you should also believe he planned to make it for more advanced civilizations. This INCLUDES science.

    When you look at it in that light, it makes you a bit more of a believer. What if God does exist, and what if that was his goal? To separate the sheep from the individuals? Maybe Satan actually exists because he believes humans unworthy and too stupid to deserve Gods "grace", and uses the countless MORONS to prove it. Maybe it's stupid and ignorant people that exist in hell, and maybe stupidity is the ultimate sin.

    Anyway, point being the modern bible should be taken as a figurative text. More or less completely. At some points in history it wasn't, but that's because it served a purpose. At ALL TIMES the bible has served /A/ purpose, as many religious texts do. Either to give people something to believe or hope in, or guide them with some basic moral teaching. From what I remember of my bible reading days, the more you look at the bible figuratively the more it makes sense. The more you look at it literally the more it seems like you're suddenly in 1000 B.C. I'm suddenly willing to be more tolerant of religion because, lately, I've become more accepting of the fact stupid people would be stupid WITHOUT religion. Perhaps even more dangerously so.

    It's unfortunate, but in arab nations these select few wise and reasonable religious people can be KILLED for this "heresy".
    "But I still believe in Allah!"
    I suddenly feel like I understand "Gods" reasoning. Hah. It makes me giggle knowing that, if God does exist, those going to hell are the same ones preaching that we will. Irony!

    Om mani padme hum

    "In dishonorable things we are not bound to obey any man." - The Book of the Courtier [1561], pg 99 (144 in pdf)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darius
    I'm going to say something that would get me crucified.
    Not in this forum! An appreciation of the value of science is the one thing that the consensus here will champion and defend. We disagree about whether religion has any value, but not science. Thus religion that is opposed to scientific inquiry is something we love to hate and to be more specific about it, this means all that pseudo-scientific rhetoric like creationism and ID which cloaks an anti-scientific agenda in the pretence of science. Because I think the facts are a plain as day that these people are opposed to evolution and abiogenesis simply because it IS a scientific explanation for life and the species, because they don't want a scientific explanation for these things. They not only want their religion to accepted as a meaningful explanation of life and the species, which is highly questionable, but they want their religion to be the only explanation.

    This is an agenda that is so opposite a search for truth that it cause me to doubt whether the word religion is even fitting and thus I have called it pseudo-religious.

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