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    So yesterday I had a lovely discussion with one of my class mates. He believes the universe is 6,000 years old. We got to talking about the middle east and all that and I told him that its wrong for us to go there. He said we should carpet bomb the city. I told him that would kill innocent civilians, women and children and men who dont want to be part of any of it. He said that, "well, since they kill our women and children, we are going to kill theirs!" ... Does anyone besides me find this logic baffling?

    Does anyone else think this way? Does no one understand that violence begits more violence?

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    "well, since they kill our women and children, we are going to kill theirs!"
    this is a common argument and is a good indication of an inferior mind.

    by recognising this you show a high level of intelligence and maturity

    everything is mathematical.
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    If the only way you have to make your point is to use violence, you're wrong.
    Everything the laws of the universe do not prohibit must finally happen.
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    I don't know how thats religious Fundamentalist Extremism. Did he justify this thought using his religion? You didn't actually say...

    But anyway... your probably right about the "violence causes violence" idea.

    Sometimes clamping down hard and brutally does make a difference. Harsh as it is. But in the case of the middle east where it's entire nations and indeed an entire culture, your friends' idea is not only flawed, it's immoral.

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