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Thread: End evils. Find the Money Man.

  1. #1 End evils. Find the Money Man. 
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    End evils. Find the Money Man.

    It is my opinion that if the profit were taken out of human evil deeds that are done for profit, in monetary terms, it would follow that these crimes would disappear.

    Quite nice for us. Right?

    Finding this Money Man, would put us in a position where we collectively could control our monetary fates once more.

    Scripture calls this the mark of the beast. Something we should dread.

    Dread something that we should all want! Dread freedom and our due as well as Peace and relative harmony compared to what we have today!

    Can someone explain why we would not chose freedom?

    Debate should we accept the mark of the beast to control the beast or should we not and not get the benefits.


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