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    Russian molecular bioloists (Drs Gariaev & Poponin) have found that the DNA acts as a solitonic/holographic computer and it is also a superconductor at body temperature.

    German writers (Fosar & Bludorf) have written a book entitled Vernetzte Intelligenz arguing that at the DNA level there is hypercommunication of information amongst all species.

    This networked intelligence concept accounts for all paranormal experiences such as OBEs, mentaltelepathy, deja vu, crop circles, even UFO experiences etc. The point is that we are all connected at the DNA level, and this networked intelligence becomes our collective unconscious.

    This is what the Hindus have been saying all along, so it emerges that the Hindu Inner Self is actually in our genes.

    There are articles containing excerpts of Fosar & Bludorf's book translated into English on the website The Spiritual Genome

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