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Thread: Life on Mars?

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    With the discovery that, yes, indeed there is water on Mars, the possiblity of life on Mars seems to be greatly enhanced. But I am wondering what religious or non-religious implications can be drawn from that.

    I think there are two considerations as to Martian life, if it be there. Would the life forms there exactly duplicate life forms here on earth? That is, what if we found amoeba and paramecium there? What would that imply?

    And what if the life forms were totally foreign to anything ever known to have dwealt on earth? What would that imply?

    I think the first case, exact duplicates, would suggest a similar, and perhaps, directed source of life. The second case would more tend to support spontaneous generation of life. Bot others my find some other implications.

    Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind. -- Albert Einstein

    If God DID do all of this, is He not the greatest scientist of all? -- dt, 2005
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    No doubt one could re-translate the bible to show that all along it indicated two Earths created. A great new Christian sect might come of that. :-D

    We don't really have an ethical position regarding extraterrestrial life. We do sterilize our probes, but this is scientifically prudent in any case i.e. first we gently study it from afar to expand our knowledge, then we kill it. So with alien life no doubt at our mercy we'll be prompted to better consider what life is all about, and by extension our own role in this universe.

    Human ethics, frankly IMHO, is an arbitrary patchwork full of holes. We do alright so long as we avoid the holes. Some upsetting things appear, like abortion, that demand we look into holes. And we argue how to best dodge the real question. Alien life will be another upset. I'm sorry, we aren't prepared to face the problem as a species honestly. We'll bluff and wink our way through. It's a bit like Colin Powell giving that absurd WMD presentation to UN, which everybody including he knew was BS - but the presentation was solely for the benefit of Americans, not the ostensible audience of sophisticated UN representatives. We'll have to frame this in a way that does not disturb old unsettled issues.

    I predict that we'll rate Martian life equally valuable as Earth life. We'll rate "a few" humans worth less than native Martian ecology. This will kinda work for a long time and put off the inevitable.

    Another thread, Is homo floresiensis a person? asks a similarly upsetting question.

    As for evidence supporting different kinds of genesis, I'm not much interested. If some section of ocean floor could be composed of mud, or sand, or - some believe - macaroni & cheese, I'm not exactly on the edge of my seat when sub photos come up (The silly analogy wasn't meant to offend).

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    Quote Originally Posted by daytonturner
    I think the first case, exact duplicates, would suggest a similar, and perhaps, directed source of life. .
    No. It would merely confirm the popular hypothesis that primitive living organisms could readily be exchanged between the planets.
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