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  1. Introduce yourself!

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    David from Ohio

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    Rest In Peace Stephen Hawking

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  3. All comments, suggestions, problems, and anything regarding The Science Forum is welcome here.

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    Old problem returning

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  4. Talk about anything and everything, whether it is science-related or not.

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    What is your word of the day?

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  5. Talk about recent news pertaining to Science.

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    The year dot

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  6. Asimov to Roddenberry, Verne to Rand; The discussion about literature, in the form of proza, film and other media.

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    Good sci-fi novels...

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  7. All creative human endeavors, excluding actions directly related to survival and reproduction, with the intent of expression.

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    The Poem that Never Ends

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  8. Hypotheses or ideas that lack both solid disproof and substantial empirical support, be it from a lack of research in the field or a current lack of technology/data that would enable research in the field, to be discussed in solid scientific terms. This does not include ideas that are purely untestable under any conditions.

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    5 Dimensions Of Space -...

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  9. The Discussion regarding theories, methodologies or practices that do not conform to what is currently accepted by the scientific community. This is not a 'flame'-section.

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    People reporting 'glitches'...

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  10. A list of links to other websites for informational purposes, debate or just entertainment.

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    Last Post: - The Science...

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