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Thread: Anyone watching ''Black Summer'' on Netflix?

  1. #1 Anyone watching ''Black Summer'' on Netflix? 
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    Series that offers a bit of a twist on the typical zombie apocalypse. Just when you think you've seen everything that genre has to offer...

    It's pretty violent, but it's about a group of people who come together as soon as the virus outbreak hits (that causes people to become ''the undead'') and how they struggle to survive, not only against the zombies who are aggressive, fast and blood thirsty, but also the humans around them who have lost their minds because of the chaos. This isn't a new storyline, but the writers depict the zombies as true monsters in this take, as opposed to the somewhat sluggish corpse-like creatures from say The Walking Dead franchise.

    The problem with this series so far though, is too many people are getting killed...quickly. There's no emotional connection to any one character, so it's empty on that front. Maybe it gets better, I'm only a few episodes in, and it has a Season 2 that just came out this month.

    Anyone watching?

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