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    We can think what it would take to simulate our Reality for someone whose central nervous system is connected to a computer: the computer would have to run a different program for every nerve cell, and these need to coordinate. The programs would have to be custom designed for an individual's mind. The programs must be such that intervening nerve cells get bypassed (for nerve cells that is connected together in some structure).

    Thinking like this it seems an impossible task: how will certain nerve cells get bypassed? Every nerve cell would require a separate connection to a CPU and support structures. How is the computer going to account for someone's mental makeup (personality, preferences, beliefs)? It must also be able to read the nerve cells for changes of information made by the person and adjust it's programs accordingly.

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    I see a lot of unsupported claims...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dywyddyr View Post
    I see a lot of unsupported claims...
    Do all sci-fi writers back up their claims? Sure as hell could use a truckload of Tricorders right now to help expedite virus testing.
    All that belongs to human understanding, in this deep ignorance and obscurity, is to be skeptical, or at least cautious; and not to admit of any hypothesis, whatsoever; much less, of any which is supported by no appearance of probability...Hume
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    Tapping into human brains to simulate a false reality is slightly more credible - as in able to overcome disbelief, within a medium designed to sidestep disbelief - than tapping human brains as a source of electricity.
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