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Thread: How can science mimic/replicate superpowers?

  1. #1 How can science mimic/replicate superpowers? 
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    Hello, everyone. I'm working on a sci-fi novel where big pharma comes out with new "superpower" drugs. Which abilities are more feasible than others and how could they theoretically be possible?

    I've been leaning towards nanotech, but I don't know nearly enough about it, so detailed explanations are greatly appreciated. I want the plot twist to be that big pharma's ulterior motive for distributing the drugs is to create human slaves either through mind control or total motor control override. Is this a feasible concept? How and why or why not?

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    To clarify/specify, imagine seeing into the future a commercial for a pill that gives you the strength to lift a car. Or out run one. Or to fly. It to be invisible. Or invulnerable. How does the pill work?

    Self-replicating nanomachines that invisibly cover your body like an exoskeleton that augments strength, speed, and other abilities. <<<is this an entirely implausible concept?

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