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Thread: Any one remember this story?

  1. #1 Any one remember this story? 
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    It is quite unimportant but it keeps pestering me.

    It was from a science fiction book of short stories (that I read in the late sixties) and it could have been by Philip K Dick ,
    Asimov ,Heinlein or another of the well known writers around that time that I used to read.

    Anyway the title was something like "Jerzy was a human" . and it was about a robot or a computer and the jokey ending was that Jerzy (the machine) did something which passed the "human" test.

    Like I say it is an inconsequential little story but I have been trying to remember it and hunt it down for years without success and I figure there is a chance there could be someone on this part of the forum who remembers it and can tell me who the author was and maybe the tile of the book as a whole.

    It is not in Google Books I am fairly confident.

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    Are you sure it wasn't a (genetically modified) chimpanzee rather than a robot/ computer?
    In which case it would be Heinlein's Jerry Was A man.

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    I am damn sure you are right .That rings a bell.Funny how I was so sure in my own mind it was Jerzy (which is a Polish name )

    Must be that. I remember the chimp now.

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    Dy wins the golden duck award for being the most helpful!

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